#2 Whirlwind Goblin x Phantom Goblin

From Breeding Whirlwind Goblin x Phantom Goblin…

I initially thought that the Whirlwind Goblin father was a Phantom too… I have put 2 animals in the picture of the sire so you can see the comparason yourself (sire is the one on the right) he is much darker than the other Whirlwind Goblin this leading me to believe he was Phantom too and I really wanted to shoot for the “THING” that Ralph Davis produced last year… As it transpired there is no Phantom in the male but I did end up producing a Phantom Whirlwind Goblin in this clutch and DAMN this boy is HOT…

Pre Shed he was cool Burnt Orange in colour… Post shed and after a couple of meals this boy has really started to show his real colours and is starting to get more of a Red undertone in his pigment… I believe this boy will become more Red as he gets older…

I think the Martian ball is an apt name for this boy that would camouflage perfectly on the surface of Mars…

From this clutch we got

0.1 Goblin

0.1 Whirlwind

3.0 Phantom Whirlwind

1.0 Phantom Goblin

0.1 Whirlwind Goblin

1.0 Phantom Whirlwind Goblin

18 May 2015
16 Jul 2015
Clutch size:
#2 Whirlwind Goblin x Phantom Goblin Sire
#2 Whirlwind Goblin x Phantom Goblin Dam

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