#6 Leopard Piebald x Dark Mojave

0.2 Het Pieds, 1.1 Mojave het Pieds, 1.1 Leopard het Pieds and 2.0 Leopard Mojave Het Pied hatched from this clutch.

From breeding Mr Valentine – My Leopard Pied to my big dark Mojave Girl… This girl is so consistent… She dropped me 8 eggs last year, and 8 big eggs again this year and she is super dark…

You can see that the Mojave het Pieds have taken on the Darkness on from the Mother and combined with the Leopard Gene these Guys are DARK…

I needed to rub my eyes a few times when seeing these Leopard Mojave het Pieds they are not only super dark but STRIPED out with the most memorising Grey eyes…

The Male is striped out head to tail and the pattern on the side is so busy and joined up and then the contrast just pops to the eye beautifully…

Over the moon with these guys loving the Leopard Gene and what it is doing to Animals…

  • Laid:
    1 Jul 2014
  • Hatched:
    30 Aug 2014
  • Clutch size:
#6 Leopard Piebald x Dark Mojave Sire


#6 Leopard Piebald x Dark Mojave Dam


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#6 Leopard Piebald x Dark Mojave
#6 Leopard Piebald x Dark Mojave