#4 Black Adder x Mojave

Co Project with Regius Club…

2.0 Normals, 0.1 Black Adder, 2.1 Mojave Black Adder hatched from this clutch.

What can I say..? Black Adder heaven… I produced my first Black Adder in this clutch and the first Mojave Black Adders in the World…

Can’t ever get enough of these Black Adders and these Mojave Black Adders are just magical… The Mojave Mother was very dark and this seems to have shown through on to the Mojave Black Adders. I can’t stop looking at these guys, they have so much going on, from the alien heads that are joined up and the white paint seeping up from the bottom like the Phantom Black Adders.

The Mojave Black Adders have a more prominent back stripe… Now we can shoot for Potion Super Black Adders in a couple of years.

I think one of these Boys is destined for a Blackhead too… I think that would make for an interesting combo…

  • Laid:
    18 Jun 2014
  • Hatched:
    17 Aug 2014
  • Clutch size:
#4 Black Adder x Mojave Sire


#4 Black Adder x Mojave Dam


Clutch Gallery:

#4 Black Adder x Mojave
#4 Black Adder x Mojave
#4 Black Adder x Mojave
#4 Black Adder x Mojave