#2 Desert Lemon x Citrus

1.1 Normals, 3.0 Citrus Pastels and 1.1 DL’s were hatched from this clutch…

This is the first viable clutch from my Citrus Pastel female… She slugged out 2 years ago and come back with a brilliant 8 egg clutch this season… 2 eggs went bad during incubation but I had a treat waiting for me with this clutch… FIRST twins here at the Reptilepit and aren’t they a pair of stunners…

Loving the colours and blushing running through the spine of the Citrus Pastel’s and how tiny are those twins… Hatched at 17 and 21 grams…

The DL’s from this clutch look exceptional and not like any others I have seen or produced to date… They have a yellow/golden hue to them and the pattern is a lot more reduced… They do not look like the father either… I guess I will have to hold these 2 babies back…

30 May 2014
27 May 2014
Clutch size:
#2 Desert Lemon x Citrus Sire
#2 Desert Lemon x Citrus Dam

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