#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel

From Breeding a DL Male to a Pastel Female

2.1 DL’s and 2.1 Sibling DL’s available from this clutch

The DL’s are a new morph to hit the UK and these are the first to be produced in the World outside Ralph Davis’s facility…

They were first produced by Ralph Davis in may 2004. This morph was previously named “Desert Lemon” when neither the Desert or the Lemon gene were on the scene but Ralph has decided to change the name to DL to avoid the confusion…

Really excited to be working with this gene as there have only been DL’s and Super DL’s, coined the White Devil, (all ones produced to date are pure Pied white with Black eyes) which is interesting in itself but it is rare and a privilege to be able to work with an untapped morph and have the opportunity to produce unseen world’s firsts with anything you breed it to…

With the White Devil being a White snake with Black eyes we know that it is on the Black eye Leucy complex but we feel that it has a very different appearance from the Fire and Flame in the same way that the Lesser and Mojave produce White snakes with Blue eyes but they look very different and produce different combinations with other morphs we are hoping to find the same results with the DL’s… Only time will tell I guess…

  • Laid:
    24 May 2013
  • Hatched:
    18 Jul 2013
  • Clutch size:
#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel Sire


#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel Dam


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#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel
#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel
#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel
#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel
#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel
#6 Desert Lemon x Pastel