#5 Hypo Mojave x Genetic Banded

From breeding a Hypo Mojave male x Genetic Banded female

2.2 Mojave het Ghost, 1.1 Genetic Banded het Ghost and 1.1 Normals het Ghost are available from this clutch.

In conjunction with Vishnu Kher

We produced every combo possible here apart from the one we were shooting for… We wanted to produce a Genetic Banded Mojave het Ghost. I think the battle between the alien heads on the Mojave and the Banding on the Genetic Banding would have produced an interesting animal…

The Genetic Banded mother has produced some lovely Banded Lessers in the past, but I guess we lucked out on this breeding… Well at least the sex gods were with us as all of these animals were delivered in perfect pairs…

Genetic Banded’s are still very underrated but have great potential when put across the right morph… These Genetic Banded het Ghost babies have a real velvet look to them,,,

What can I say about the Mojave het Ghosts… Woweee the are so dark and intense in colour with the het Ghost clearly coming through all that blushing up the sides of these guys…

15 May 2013
15 Jul 2013
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#5 Hypo Mojave x Genetic Banded Sire
#5 Hypo Mojave x Genetic Banded Dam

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