#2 Killer Clown x Lesser het Clown

From breeding a Killer Clown Male to Lesser het Clown Female

0.1 Pastel Clown, 0.3 Lesser Pastel Clown were produced from this clutch.

0.1 Pastel Clown and 0.1 Lesser Pastel Clown will be available from this clutch.

In conjunction with Regius Club

The odd gods were really shining down on us with this clutch, from breeding a Killer Clown male to a Ralph Davis Lesser het Clown we produced 1 Pastel Clown and 3 Pastel Lesser Clowns….

These guys are smoking in the flesh, so clean and reduced. The pattern is really busy and blushed out down the dorsal stripes and the colours are already so vibrant, I can only imagine how they will colour up as adults…

The Pastel Clown is one of the craziest I have seen, really reduced, hardly any markings on the sides and the yellow is so vibrant, you need sunglasses to be able to look directly at her, so few markings on her sides and then that crazy reduced busted up dorsal stripe with the blushing and the black outline around the blushing, what an animal… So much to still experiment with the Clown gene…

5 May 2013
7 Jul 2013
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#2 Killer Clown x Lesser het Clown Sire
#2 Killer Clown x Lesser het Clown Dam

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