#3 King Clown x Het Clown

0.1 Het Clown, 1.0 Lesser het Clown, 1.2 Clown and 1.0 King Clown (Lesser) were hatched from this clutch…

This virgin Het Clown Female did really well to produce 6 big eggs…

Unfortunately I lost the Father, Elvis, my beautiful King Clown a few weeks ago, He was eating well and had done his breeding for the season so he was resting for the coming season… No idea why he passed but I guess it is just one of those things that happen when you have animals…

He has done a great job with this clutch, and produced some really stunning babies… The Clown with the stripe all the way down the dorsal is one of my favourite animals this season and it is a Girl… Result… I may have to keep the King Clown male to let the legacy of Elvis live on.

R.I.P my Friend – Elvis the King Clown…

3 Jun 2014
2 Aug 2014
Clutch size:
#3 King Clown x Het Clown Sire
#3 King Clown x Het Clown Dam

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