#7 Sibling Leopard het Pied x African

From breeding Sibling Leopard het Pied male to African female

1.0 “het Red” looking animal, 1.0 weird normal available from this clutch.

5 eggs out of the 7 went bad.

Lost 5 of the 7 eggs from this clutch… The 2 remaining animal look nothing like their parents, one of the males looks like a het red and the other looks like a weird normal…

We bred the Sibling Leopard het Pied to this African female as she has strong Pied markers… I think we will be trying a different male to this female next year to see exactly what is going on with her… For all we know these weird offspring could be hets for her if she is recessive…

24 May 2013
18 Jul 2013
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#7 Sibling Leopard het Pied x African Sire
#7 Sibling Leopard het Pied x African Dam

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